The leading e-procurement system for the hospitality industry. Delivering clear time and cost savings from purchasing to payment.

epsys has been providing market leading e-procurement solutions to the Hospitality industry since 2001.

From organisations managing a single location to group portfolios or international businesses with operations across the world, epsys has been specially developed to meet the demands of any type of Hospitality business, streamlining the workload associated with processing potentially thousands of financial transactions and maximising the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the buying process.

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The degree to which epsys can integrate with your business, and the efficiencies it delivers, mean that it provides distinct benefits to every team – procurement, operations and finance.

Empowering your business

The management of multiple supplier relationships is complex, so epsys streamlines the process, helping you to maximise the value of each supplier in your portfolio. From central control and approval of pricing to the seamless communication of promotions, epsys is the engine that will drive better supplier relationships. Read more

epsys promotes buying best practice and is equipped with a wide range of tools that enhance your ability to buy efficiently. Contract implementation and maintenance with epsys is swift and simple, offering deep analysis and insight to improve business efficiency and margin throughout the term of a buying cycle. Read more

Where product costs change due to market forces and price reviews, it can be difficult to keep on top of margin performance. epsys provides a range of tools that value stock and calculate recipe costs using live pricing. Knowing the effect of any price changes allows rapid intervention whenever necessary, so you're always in control. Read more