360 Review: Procurement

A streamlined process is a cost-effective process

The epsys 360 procurement review gives you access to the knowledge and invaluable experience in procurement systems that have made epsys the market leading e-trading solution.

epsys will review your end-to-end procurement procedures and develop a tailored plan for your business that could deliver significant reductions in cost while improving the consistency and quality of your procurement function.

We will review how you currently establish and maintain compliance, ensuring buyers across your business adhere to the same standards and pricing agreements. We will analyse your systems for monitoring and adapting to price changes across your supplier base. We will review the degree of visibility available to central management, the resource effort required to deliver reporting across your business and the scope for costly errors in your delivery and invoice reconciliation procedures.

Contact epsys today to begin your free 360 procurement review and bring market-leading expertise to your business. Find out how to cut costs while improving output, making your business more efficient and more competitive.

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