Introducing epsys

The market leading supply chain service with a pedigree of success

epsys has been providing electronic supply chain solutions since 2001. Initially developed to address the particular procurement challenges of the hospitality and catering industry, epsys has grown to become a comprehensive e-procurement system that can deliver operational efficiency and cost savings across a diverse range of businesses.

Today, epsys is the leader in its field, providing clients with the visibility and the tools needed to dramatically reduce the inefficiencies and the ongoing costs of complex procurement functions.

For businesses where high volumes of transactions are conducted on a regular basis, where multiple sites procure multiple products from numerous suppliers, epsys provides the ideal solution for centralising control and reducing administrative costs without sacrificing flexibility or transparency.

epsys provides a solution that is tailored individually to each of our clients’ requirements and can be integrated seamlessly into existing financial or management software. This enhances data availability and enables our clients to isolate opportunities for greater efficiency and easily implement operational improvements.

We believe in working in partnership with our clients to provide a truly personal service with unrivaled system support and client care. Get in touch with us today to find out how we could help your business.

The epsys mission
Saving you time and money by improving supplier relations
epsys is a wide-ranging tool that has the functionality to be tailored to the many business requirements of our diverse client base. We work with clients across a huge range of sectors and provide tailored services that deliver operational efficiencies to each.

At its foundation, epsys is a system that achieves the simple aim of saving you money, through the simple process of enhancing your procurement procedures.

Our mission at epsys is to ensure that our clients and their suppliers work in harmony. By continually improving the effectiveness of communications between every stakeholder in each unique buying process, we strengthen business relationships, streamline workload and save you time and money.