Epsys benefits your business

One system, innumerable benefits

epsys e-procurement services allow you to improve efficiency and save money across your entire buying cycle. The individual enhancements that it delivers are as diverse as your unique procurement function, but for any business these benefits can be boiled down to a simple proposition: epsys solutions make procurement more cost-effective by maximising the resources at your disposal and improving the outcome.

Improving the outcome of your procurement function can be achieved by using the market-leading technology offered by epsys to ensure that however complex your business, every procurement decision made conforms to your predefined goals. This may involve dictating appropriate suppliers to ensure consistency, agreeing prices and approved ranges of product or reducing wastage by using menu-driven orders. Epsys e-procurement services allow you to closely manage your supply base and associated prices with much reduced effort and will ensure that you get the most cost-effective outcome throughout your buying cycle.

Managing suppliers, reconciling deliveries against orders, managing credit requests, checking invoices and delivering detailed reporting are just some of the business functions that epsys is able to automate, which previously would have required significant human resource. For most clients, it is this dramatic efficiency improvement that is key to the remarkable cost savings epsys delivers. Less resource in and better results out make epsys the simple choice for e-procurement.

8 simple reasons to choose epsys Over 4,000 businesses rely on epsys to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their buying process, we believe it’s clear why:

  • Epsys Reason

    Streamlined buying process

    Standardises and automates, minimising the workload associated with processing multiple transactions and managing numerous suppliers.

  • Epsys Reason

    Reduced costs

    Saves administrative time and manages supplier pricing, with no significant investment necessary.

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    Finance system integration

    Seamlessly integrates with existing accounting and management systems.

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    Management visibility

    Full order to pay transparency with intuitive real-time reporting and analysis to help drive operational improvement.

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    Error detection

    Reduced administrative errors through proven business processes, plus line by line invoice checking to identify errors and raise credit requests.

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    Flexible implementation

    Customisable to suit every type of purchasing activity from catering to housekeeping, grounds maintenance to utilities across multiple sites if required.

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    Reliable performance

    Zero maintenance, fully hosted solution with no hardware needs, helpdesk support and 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure 100% up-time.

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    Secure environment

    Your data is safe – meets all industry standards on security and confidentiality to ensure peace of mind.