Epsys: e-Procurement Benefits for Finance

Greater visibility, greater financial control

Financial control professionals be aware that the data they work with is often only as reliable as the users who have created the purchase orders, checked the deliveries of stock or reviewed the invoices.

In a complex procurement environment where a large volume of transactions occurs every day and many individuals are involved, errors can creep in; and the expense of establishing a complete audit trail across multiple on and offline systems can be significant.

With epsys e-procurement, real-time visibility of the end-to-end buying process, online and readily accessible to authorised users, gives your finance team the tools to ensure complete control and accuracy. Not only this, but with automated invoice checking and automated creation and delivery of credit requests, all built into a platform that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing finance system, epsys provides unmatched visibility and control.

epsys e-procurement gives finance teams numerous benefits, including electronic invoice exchange, automatic line-by-line invoice reconciliation, price control against all products, centrally managed budget control, detailed accrual data and invoice dispute management. It gives finance teams real-time visibility on transactions and budgets, while at the same time eliminating human error across the buying process and greatly reducing the resource demands of financial control.

Finance: increased control

epsys gives you greater financial control with more comprehensive and more reliable financial data from the first stages of each purchase, whilst reducing the labour required to monitor and validate transactions:

  • Electronic invoice exchange.
  • Automatic line-by-line invoice reconciliation.
  • Price control against all products and services.
  • Budget control.
  • Detailed accrual information.
  • Invoice dispute management.
  • Automatic statement reconciliation.
  • Real-time visibility on transactions and budgets.
  • Cost-savings through greater efficiency across entire buying cycle.
  • Seamless integration with existing financial systems.
  • Elimination of human error across buying process.