Epsys: e-Procurement System Benefits

Increased procurement control, decreased resource demands

Whether your business environment is a single site, a group portfolio or an international organisation, managing buying processes at scale can be arduous and time consuming. Managing dozens of supplier agreements and price files not only requires significant resources, but it can be prone to costly errors.

With epsys e-Procurement system, granular visibility into the individual purchases of your whole business’s procurement function is not only available, it is simple for authorised individuals to access, intuitive to work with and highly actionable. epsys makes detailed, real-time reporting easy to access and interrogate and effortless to import into existing management systems, making it easy to improve buying efficiency.

With this level of data available, and the fine control provided by the epsys system, supplier management and the broader procurement cycle becomes radically more efficient. epsys makes enforcing compliance across an estate easy by allowing for central control of suppliers and products by site. Handling and analysing price changes, reporting on supplier performance and issuing credit requests are all streamlined within the system, improving efficiency whilst also removing human error.

epsys e-procurement allows you to reduce buying costs through greater price change visibility whilst also establishing end-to-end due diligence with a fraction of the resource once needed.

Procurement: buying efficiency

epsys gives you more fine control over the buying process, whilst also hugely reducing workloads:

  • Control compliance within an estate.
  • Restrict products/suppliers by site – no maverick spend.
  • Price change analysis and control.
  • Reduced buying costs through greater price change visibility.
  • Identification of delivery errors with automatic credit requests.
  • Effortless reporting on supplier performance.
  • Due diligence auditing.
  • Simple, streamlined purchase order process for non-catalogued items.
  • Real-time trend analysis.