Epsys Case Studies

The benefits of epsys in the real world

epsys provides significant time, costs and efficiency benefits to all of our clients. Here you can find some detailed real-world examples of the impressive results that working with epsys can bring.

Contract Caterer

The challenge
This large contract cater has grown rapidly through sales success and acquisition. As a result the organisation developed a myriad of different working practices and required a process for implementing procurement best practice.
The solution
The detailed evaluation of existing product and supplier choices allowed the client to determine a revised supplier profile suitable to the diverse needs of their estate. E-procurement became a fundamental requirement for nominated supply and implementing epsys ensured that this consolidation work could be locked in at local level.
The results
epsys is now being used to manage all unit expenditure. It’s flexibility ensures that different supplier profiles and pricing structures are applied under a single unified procurement process. Significant reductions in administration costs have been identified with major improvements in the availability of management information being a valuable by-product.
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