Epsys e-Procurement Software Solutions

Proven efficiency in any sector

Today, epsys is trusted as the e-procurement system of choice by a wide range of  foodservice organisations across both the private and public sectors.

From businesses operating from a single location, to group portfolios or international businesses with operations across the world, epsys has been specifically developed to meet the demands of any type of client: streamlining the workload associated with processing potentially thousands of financial transactions and maximising the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the buying process.

To give just a few examples of the wide-ranging applications of  the epsys e-procurement solution, it is currently being used in Education, by schools, colleges and further education; in Government, by councils and local authorities; in Care, by NHS units, private hospitals and elderly care facilities; in Leisure, by hotels, restaurants, public attractions and sports venues; in Custodial Settings and in the Corporate Environment, by contracted and in-house catering services.

Across a diverse range of sectors, over 4,000 operations already rely on epsys to improve the efficiency of their procurement processes. epsys works in partnership with each of these clients to provide a service tailored to their needs, and can offer the same to you.