e-Procurement Services for Care Groups

Great value and great quality for any care facility

Every care facility, from a network of private homes for elderly care to an NHS hospital and care groups, needs to be utterly confident about the quality of the goods they procure, whilst being mindful of cost-effectiveness and the need to deliver value for money to the taxpayer or to its private clients.

Through the end-to-end e-procurement solution offered by epsys, maintaining assured quality while reducing costs is not only achievable, but simple.

By integrating with suppliers to provide real time price control and automatically recording and raising credit requests for delivery errors or quality issues, epsys enables care clients to more effectively monitor the quality and cost effectiveness of each of their suppliers, whilst significantly reducing the resource cost that this type of monitoring would usually entail. Whether you maintain only one care facility or dozens, the flexibility of epsys allows you to easily monitor all of your suppliers and take informed decisions based on the quality and cost-effectiveness provided by each.

epsys e-procurement solutions provides an unprecedented level of transparency through its intuitive reporting functionality, meaning that even with greatly reduced administrative costs, you can improve visibility and efficiency throughout your buying cycle.

For care groups and clients, epsys allows efficiency of cost and quality of care to go hand in hand.

Care benefits

  • Simple to maintain quality standards while reducing procurement costs.

  • Automated supplier monitoring and management.

  • Intuitive real-time reporting for greater management control.

  • End to end integration with existing financial systems.

  • Reduced administrative costs with human error elimination.