e-Procurement for the Catering Industry

The leading specialist in e-procurement for catering professionals

epsys e procurement services were originally designed precisely with the needs of the hospitality industry in mind: designed for caterers by caterers. Today epsys offers the leading e-procurement solution for a wide range of sectors, but still maintains the core functionality that makes it the e-procurement system of choice for contract catering businesses across the UK.

Offering a streamlined solution for supplier management, stock control and menu-driven ordering, epsys has proven effective in enhancing the efficiency of the procurement function for catering clients working across Education, Government, Leisure and Business & Industry.

With such strong heritage in food services, epsys offers the convenience of already being integrated with all of the major suppliers in the sector; but the true value of epsys is in its flexibility. Whether you work with a wide range of national suppliers or only buy local, epsys makes it simple to achieve optimal cost-effectiveness from every order, while helping to reduce wastage, manage your stock and handle invoicing and payment reconciliation.

A proven system that is simple to integrate and to manage, epsys e-procurement empowers contract catering businesses to be more cost-effective, more competitive and more profitable.

Catering Benefits

  • Specialist system originally designed for catering.

  • Improved stock control and reduced wastage.

  • Menu-driven ordering for simplicity and cost- effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive and expandable supplier integration.

  • End to end financial control from purchase to payment.