e-Procurement Service for custodial institutions

Improve procurement and lock in savings

Custody establishments have huge procurement requirements that can become overwhelming and demand a significant amount of expensive resource to oversee and control.

Where costs are tight, the impact of efficiencies in the procurement function can be significant; and, through epsys, these efficiencies can be delivered at every stage of the buying cycle.

Through centralising and streamlining supplier management, automating invoice and credit processing, reducing administrative errors and providing more complete and more actionable reporting to management, epsys e-procurement service delivers significant efficiencies to custodial clients both in terms of reduced resource demands and improved purchasing decisions.

Whether you manage a single custody site or several, the efficiencies offered by epsys can have a real impact on your bottom line. What’s more, since the system can be managed through any computer with an internet connection, it requires no expensive hardware outlay or integration costs. In fact, epsys provides significant cost savings across your procurement function for remarkably low funding linked to your procurement spend.

epsys is the leading e-procurement solution for custodial institutions, committed to working in partnership with you to save you time and money.

Custody Benefits

  • Time and cost efficiencies across entire buying circle.

  • Centralised supplier management reduces administrative costs.

  • Intuitive real time reporting for greater management visibility.

  • Simple control or procurement for single or multiple sites.

  • No hardware requirements or expensive upfront costs.