Leisure Industry e-Procurement Services

Efficient procurement for the business of leisure

epsys already provides its unique e-procurement services to a wide range of leisure clients from hotels and restaurants to public attractions and sports venues.

Such a diverse range of businesses can all save time and money through using epsys because of the flexibility of the system and the commitment that epsys makes to work in partnership with its clients and tailor its service to each client’s particular requirements.

At its heart, epsys e-procurement services provides a means for clients to manage their suppliers more effectively, to control stock levels and place orders more intelligently, to monitor deliveries and reconcile invoices more efficiently and to build all of this data into a simple and intuitive reporting interface that can be seamlessly integrated into existing finance systems.

Providing all of this functionality in a system that is almost entirely automated, but allows for human oversight and control at every level, it is no wonder that epsys has become the leading e-procurement solution for leisure clients.

Whether you control a national chain of restaurants or a single public attraction, epsys can help you to reduce both your procurement and administrative costs, while providing the visibility you need to enhance operational efficiency on an ongoing basis.

Leisure Benefits

  • Flexible system tailored to your specific business.

  • Improved supplier management, reducing procurement costs.

  • End to end integration into existing financial systems.

  • Intuitive real time reporting for improved operational visibility.

  • Reduced administrative costs with human error eliminated.