e-Procurement Services for FM Companies

Central control, local flexibility, optimal efficiency

For facilities management companies, it can be challenging to ensure that each property under your management control is conforming to buying policies and making efficient procurement decisions.

Risking inefficiency or even maverick spend on the one hand, or investing significant resources in individually monitoring multiple sites on the other, facilities management companies have an unappealing choice to make.

With epsys e-procurement services this need not be the case. epsys for FM companies makes it simple to establish agreed lists of suppliers and associated range price files. The system allows for procurement decisions to be made centrally, whilst still allowing for the flexibility of including local site-specific suppliers which could be variable for sites in different areas. This can be achieved whilst dramatically reducing the requirement for administrative resources. In fact, through epsys, a great deal of the buying cycle can be automated for increased efficiency, while at the same time improving the reporting and visibility available to the management team.

epsys works in partnership with our clients to tailor the system to your specific needs. We are already achieving significant cost savings for facilities management businesses involved in hospitals, education, the ministry of defence and staff catering and can do the same for you.

Facilities Management benefits

  • Central
    control and standardisation across numerous sites.

  • Flexible to allow site-specific suppliers where required.

  • Significantly reduced administrative costs and resources.

  • Centralised reporting in real time for maximum visibility.

  • System tailored to your precise requirements.