e-Procurement Services for Government

Cost-effective procurement where every penny counts

In government, where efficient spending is more important than ever before, epsys provides the ideal solution for reducing the cost of procurement  services and reducing the administrative burden of managing the buying function, without any expensive outlay upfront. In fact, with no dedicated hardware and no setup costs, epsys can start saving you money from day one.

epsys has experience working with government, councils and local authorities to streamline procurement and reduce costs. Savings come not only from improved control over supplier pricing and stock levels, but also from the hugely reduced administrative burden of a system that can streamline supplier management, monitor stock levels, reconcile deliveries, raise credit requests and handle line-by-line invoice checking.

Not only is this automated approach more reliable and more accurate due to the removal of human error, it also offers total transparency through intuitive real-time reporting. For a government body with numerous sites to monitor, the power of a centralised reporting interface offers an unprecedented opportunity for performance analysis and ongoing operational improvement.

epsys empowers government institutions to improve efficiency across the entire buying cycle through a marketleading system that is already trusted by thousands of public and private sector clients.

Government benefits

  • Reduced administrative and operational costs.

  • Clear, actionable centralised management information.

  • No hardware costs or expensive upfront outlay.

  • Increased purchasing control and standardisation.

  • Improved end-to-end financial control.