e-Procurement for Corporate and in-house

Better buying for inhouse catering

When you manage an in-house catering operation, providing catering services for individual events and staff, epsys e-procurement services enables your team to deliver world class hospitality services with far greater efficiency.

By significantly reducing the administrative effort of managing supply chains, controlling stock levels and reconciling finances, epsys corporate solutions allows you to focus on your core business so your clients get the best possible service and you save time and money.

Originally designed and built with catering in mind, epsys is the leader in e-procurement for food service clients. With the ability to manage all of your suppliers from a single interface and to place orders across multiple suppliers and on a menu-driven basis if required, epsys makes purchasing simple for every stakeholder.

Where goods can vary in price on a regular basis, epsys makes it easy to forecast accurately and maintain margin levels by constantly monitoring price changes and fulfilling stock requirements through the most cost-effective suppliers. Price file maintenance is simple too and the price file approval system flags where the price of any product rises (or falls) when price file authorisation takes place. Furthermore, epsys continues to add value by reconciling deliveries with orders, checking invoices, line by line and providing real-time reporting on every stage of the buying cycle.

With unrivaled experience in driving down the cost of procurement for caterers, epsys is the clear choice for better buying.

Corporate in-house catering benefits

  • Reduced administrative and operational costs.

  • Significantly reduced administrative time and costs.

  • Specialist system originally intended for catering.

  • Reduced
    waste through menu-driven ordering and enhanced stock control.

  • Improved cost-effectiveness through supplier price monitoring.

  • Automated invoice checking removes human error.