e-Procurement Services for FE/HE Institutions

Procurement savings for every education institution

epsys has experience working with Education clients in schools, colleges, universities and other FE / HE institutions.

From single-site independent schools to large universities or local education authorities with numerous sites to manage, epsys offers an effective means of centrally controlling procurement decisions for maximum cost-effectiveness, while allowing for local sourcing and individual supplier arrangements where these fit with a client’s strategy.

Across multiple sites, the benefits of epsys e procurement services are clear: hugely reduced administrative costs, standardisation of purchasing decisions by selection of the most cost-effective suppliers and products, and enhanced financial control through a single, integrated system. With a simple user interface that is accessed via the web, epsys allows individual user profiles to be created with varying user rights. The result? Complete central control of purchasing activity across diverse and geographically fragmented estates.

Even for education clients operating from a single site, this level of flexibility, along with seamless integration into existing finance systems, ensures that the procurement function can be controlled more tightly whilst simultaneously requiring less administrative resource.

Simply put, epsys provides an effective e-procurement solution with a proven pedigree in the Education sector.

Education benefits

  • Increased purchasing control and standardisation.

  • Reduced administrative and operational costs.

  • Administrative errors eliminated.

  • Clear, actionable, centralised management information.

  • Improved end-to-end financial control.