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epsys helps companies by improving the control and visibility of their financial transactions, maximising their buying potential and streamlining their procedures.

In a competitive and dynamic sector with a choice of e-procurement systems available, prospective clients may ask why they should choose epsys. We believe the choice is clear:

    Designed specifically to cope with the complexities of the hospitality industry, the technology and service provided by epsys have made it the market leader.
    Intuitive online interface puts powerful procurement tools at your fingertips with the simplicity and ease of use of a website.
    epsys is flexible enough to suit any business and adaptable enough to easily accommodate changes such as adding new suppliers, or amending/approving negotiated price files.
    As well as requiring no hardware investment and delivering huge cost-savings, epsys can be provided and maintained for remarkably low fees.
    With telephone support, regular client meetings and 24/7/365 system monitoring, epsys offers a wholly managed service that our clients know they can rely on.