Epsys Social Responsibility

We believe in corporate social responsibility

epsys is a trading name owned by Foodbuy Limited (Foodbuy), which is operated by Compass Group UK & Ireland, part of Compass Group plc.

At epsys, we’re committed to the highest levels of corporate social responsibility. We work hard to ensure that we meet the high standards that we set for ourselves, including the specific areas outlined on this page.

Acquire will:
  • Treat employees and customers fairly and with respect.
  • Manage the impact on society and the environment of our business operations.
  • Observe basic human rights.
  • Protect the environment for future generations.
  • Be a responsible member of the local community.

In the workplace we will aim to:
  • Invest in individual excellence through training and development.
  • Promote diversity and equality within the workplace.
  • Enable staff to play an active role in the community.
  • Support and promote health, safety and well-being.

In the community we will aim to:
  • Reflect the local community in our workplace profile.
  • Support staff who engage in community activity.
  • Review local purchasing and supply opportunities.
  • Work in partnership with community organisations and charities through support, skills, donations and gifts in kind.
  • Listen and engage in dialogue with the public on matters of concern.

In the environment we will aim to:
  • Use natural resources efficiently and minimise waste.
  • Work in synergy with suppliers and customers to reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Constantly review the environmental impact of operations and services.